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Protect your house from theft

April 13th, 2016 • No comments

Protect your house from theft
A break in can have effects much more than just your property – unsettling your peace and the feeling of security in your home. There are simple and effective steps you can take to reduce your home’s risk of invasion, whether you’re away on holidays or staying at home.

Here are 6 ways to prevent theft and make your house unappealing to burglars:

1. Windows & Doors

Burglars will get into your home via doors and windows, so ensure they are fitted with visible (and sturdy) locks. If looking to renovate or building, ensure you have thick, solid doors that will be hard to kick in. If your doors have a window, install a secondary floor lock for extra security.

2. Lock Your Doors

It’s amazing how many people fail to lock their doors. Its common sense but lock up every time you go out, but also keep the doors locked when you’re home especially at night. If you leave screened doors and windows open ensure you have good locks and use sturdy screens.

3. Alarm/security System

A home alarm system is one of the top ways to deter burglars from targeting your home. If you do have a home alarm system make sure it is visible and your alarm company has a fast response time. You may also wish to consider whether you want the police automatically notified of an alarm event.

4. Visibility

If you have a hidden front entrance or side access to your home these can attract burglars as it provides privacy when they are trying to break in unobserved. Easy ways to deter them are to have motion activated lights or sensor security lights for visibility at night. You can also trim trees and hedges to create visibility from the street or install lights on a timer at the front of your house (such as walkway or front porch lights) to create the illusion of being home.

5. Garbage and mail

Rubbish that shows recent large purchases such as new television screen boxes and lots of mail signifying you’re away on holidays are easy identifiers for burglars. Hide your bins away from the street front when it’s not collection day and consider mail redirection or a friend collecting your mail when away.

6. Safe & Secure

Protect your valuables just in case theft does happen. Have precious valuables safely secured in a safe. Mark all your valuables with engraved identification and photograph valuables to ensure you keep your contents insurance up to date.

In general, following these tips and daily habits such as keeping curtains and blinds closed on the ground floor helps to deter burglars as they can’t assess your property’s value or determine whether you are home. By taking a few key precautions you can keep your home safe and secure.

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