Hedland & Newman

Hedland Team

Janine Bailey

General Manager/Licensee
Email: janine.bailey@crawfordrealty.com.au

Janine has been involved in the Real Estate Industry for over 25 years, both in New Zealand and Western Australia.

Having operated in all aspects of Real Estate, Janine offers a well-rounded knowledge and understanding of the industry, the legislation and has a keen ability to quickly translate people’s property needs into reality.

With over 8 years’ experience in the Pilbara, Perth and South West region encompassing the full range of real estate business, Janine recognizes the complexities in dealing with a market that has the capacity to quickly change. As an award winning listing and selling principal (and Property Investor), she also understands the importance and ability to maximize the return on investment, along with how to manage growth and change in this rapidly changing industry

Janine returns to the Crawford Realty family, with her husband Bruce, after gaining further experience and growth, with excitement, building on the foundation built over the 5 years with the Crawford group, and bringing back the added value gained by diversifying, and upskilling to the Pilbara market.  It seems she can’t get the red dust out of her pores.

Erika Maylam

Property Specialist
Email: Erika.Maylam@crawfordrealty.com.au
Phone: 0401 194 223

With 5 years of real estate experience in both Port Hedland and Perth, Erika Maylam has developed a multi-facet understanding of the real estate industry. Erika’s experience allows her to focus’ on negotiating strategic, innovative and fresh ways to manage and protect client’s real estate portfolios. Spending time educating owners about the best ways to attract, manage and secure appropriate returns.

In a tough market, a creative and precise strategy is essential to achieve maximum sales prices in minimal time. Erika’s previous success can be attributed to her knowledge and use of contacts to guide clients through the many aspects of their  investment journey.

Erika’s ultimate goal is to continue to build lifelong relationships with her clients to assist them and their families with all their current and future property needs.

Lisa Jones

Sales Consultant
Email: Lisa.Jones@crawfordrealty.com.au
Phone: 0407 196 689

Lisa has been in Hedland since 1986 when her family came here for work where she went to Hedland Senior High. She has worn a few different hats in her day from being a Hair Dresser to a Support Worker.

One of the thing she has always loved about Hedland is you really can have the opportunity to try so many different roles to be able to find what you love and that’s how she came to be a Real Estate Agent. This is what has given her a wide range of experience with people in the community, she has 6 years’ experience from 2005-2011 in the Hedland Market so she has been through the cycle of change in this market personally.

  1. What does customer service mean to you?
    Customer Service to me is about being contactable, having a complete understanding of what your needs are and making it happen, with communication that is the way to achieve it.I am so excited to be part of the Journey again and I guarantee, you will be my priority with all your real estate requirements.
  2. Name your proudest achievement
    This would be taking my 3 kids around Australia in 2012 in a caravan,“Doin the lap” so to speak, I still call it our mad lap, as we were a family of 5 in a caravan and of course the Monty Dog came along (Great Dane x Mastiff no less) we can laugh now!

Stephi Sherriff

Sales Assistant
Email: stephi.sherriff@crawfordrealty.com.au

Stephi was born and raised in Tasmania. She has lived in South Hedland for the past 12 years alongside her husband raising their 3 children. They enjoy the laid back Pilbara lifestyle spending most of their free time fishing, camping or at the beach.  Stephi has recently left the retail industry to pursue an exciting new career in real estate with an eagerness to learn.

  1. What does customer service mean to you?
    To me customer service is listening to a customer’s needs and wants and providing them with a service that you would expect to experience yourself.
  2. Name your proudest achievement
    My 3 beautiful children!
  3. What’s one thing you would change in the world?
    Less negativity and more acceptance of each other.

Tessa Hughes

Commercial Sales & Leasing Representative
Email: tessa.hughes@crawfordrealty.com.au
Phone: 0419 916 425

Having come ‘across the ditch’ as many would say back in New Zealand, Tessa has been living in the Pilbara for over 3 years. The Pilbara has gotten into her blood, she enjoys a lifestyle of camping, crabbing and exploring the Pilbara.

Prior to starting her Real Estate Career, Tessa worked in a variety of customer service roles, which had enabled her to hone her people skills. After working in residential property management, Tessa made the change to the Commercial side, where she has been demonstrated as a strong negotiator with a wide knowledge base of Commercial Real Estate in the Pilbara.

Tessa thrives off the challenges that Commercial Real Estate is known for and is driven to provide the best service she can offer.

  1. What does customer service mean to you?
    Having clear communication between clients and having a clear understanding of their needs/wants, whilst ensuring I am responding to all queries within a timely manner.
  1. Name your proudest achievement
    Staying in the Pilbara by myself building a career for myself.
  1. What’s the one thing you would change in the world?
    An increase in people’s view on the use of single use plastic and its effects on the environment surrounding us.

Cheryl Sweeney

Leasing Officer
Email: Cheryl.Sweeney@crawfordrealty.com.au
Phone: 0455 586 277

Holly Reilly

Property Manager
Email: holly.reilly@crawfordrealty.com.au

Holly came to Port Hedland from New South Wales in 2015 and jumped straight into the real-estate industry. Where she has grown and plans to further her career long term.

With a driven personality and always wishing to educate herself further. Holly prides herself in the extent of knowledge of the industry she has and is grateful for what it teaches her daily.

  1. What does customer service mean to you?
    Customer service to me is ensuring that the customer feels like they have been understood and listened too, delivering a friendly and helpful service throughout any experience
  2. Name your proudest achievement
    My proudest achievement is my son and watching him grow into a strong independent person.
  3. What’s the one thing you would change in the world?
    I would love to see happiness and health throughout the world and acceptance for all humans no matter our differences.

Barbara Briggs

Property Manager
Email: barbara.briggs@crawfordrealty.com.au

A Kiwi girl who moved over in 2016 because I heard the weather was great and I love it.  I started at Crawford’s late 2016 as a Receptionist and the following year moved over to Inspection Officer. It’s a challenging role and I have to say I learn something new  each week.

  1. What does customer service mean to me
    Customer service means hearing what the customer wants and delivering on this and if this can’t be achieved then advising a solution so both parties are happy
  2. Name your proudest achievement
    Seeing my 3 children grow into happy adults
  3. What’s the one thing you would change in the world?
    For everyone not to take things so seriously and be able to have a laugh.

Mel Cartey

Property Manager
Email: pm2@crawfordrealty.com.au

Graeme Hedley

Property Manager
Email: pm1@crawfordrealty.com.au

Leeanne Watson

Commercial Property Manager
Email: commercialpm@crawfordrealty.com.au

Providing a professional and friendly service, Leeanne has worked in the real estate industry for 5+ years in various roles and takes passion in the work she does. Customer service is very important to Leeanne and ensuring customers are satisfied with the service given.

  1. What does customer service mean to you?
    Communicating proactively and positively
  2. Name your proudest achievement
    My beautiful daughter
  3. What’s the one thing you would change in the world?
    The traditional career mentality

Kellie Zencich

Trust Accountant
Email: kellie.zencich@crawfordrealty.com.au

Rebecca Sweeney

Admin Support

Paris Kerr

Inspection Officer
Email: paris.kerr@crawfordrealty.com.au

Paris was born in New Zealand and has lived there for 17 years, she recently moved over to Port Hedland and has been here for a year and half, since living here she’s gained customer service from starting as a receptionist in real estate to now being an inspection officer, she loves being apart of the real estate industry and hope to further her career in it.

  1. What does customer service mean to you?
    To me customer service means providing help when needed, listening to them and to approach them in a friendly manner
  2. Name your proudest achievement
    Moving over here and starting a new chapter in my life
  3. Whats one thing you would change in the world?
    For everyone to be more friendly and positive towards the way the world is

Imogen Dyke

Inspection Manager
Email: imogen.dyke@crawfordrealty.com.au

Originally from Tasmania, Imogen relocated with her family to South Hedland in 2014. Truly embedded in the Pilbara, Imogen is proud to call Port Hedland her home. With an avid attention to detail and a passion to expand her knowledge of the Real Estate Industry, Imogen is an up & coming go getter!

  1. What does customer service mean to me
    To me customer service means helping customers with their goals and making sure I can do the best I can to help them achieve those goals.
  2. Name your proudest achievement
    My proudest achievement was graduating high school.
  3. What’s the one thing you would change in the world?
    One thing I would change in the world would be everyone treating  each other with kindness and respect.

Anita Smith

Leasing Administrator
Email: reception@crawfordrealty.com.au

Anita lived in Port Hedland for 7 years before leaving to peruse further studies. She has since returned to Port Hedland to defrost from the cold winters of Perth and has taken up the position of receptionist with Crawford Realty. She has blossomed in her role and is progressively taking on more and more responsibilities. As a natural multitasker – Anita enjoys juggling multiple jobs at once and thrives in the diverse and fast-paced environment of real estate. She hopes to continue to grow and learn within the company and aims to be a highly valued member of the team and community.

  1. What does customer service mean to me?
    Customer service to me is going above and beyond to assist a client and to provide the best possible outcome for all involved.
  2. Name your proudest achievement
    My proudest achievement to date is learning that it is better to be of great value then strive only for success.
  3. What’s the one thing you would change in the world?
    I would encourage everyone to be their most authentic self and to remove the hate and bigotry of the world and replace it with equity for all.


Jayani Liebenberg

Email: reception@crawfordrealty.com.au

  1. What does customer service mean to you?
    Providing excellent customer service with extra mile in making sure a customer is happy and satisfied with a company’s products or services. Also providing and delivering professional, helpful, high quality service and assistance
  2. Name your proudest achievement’s
    Been a mother and a wife and travelling the world.
  3. What’s the one thing you would change in the world?
    We really need to change the way society treats animals.