How to sell your house in winter

How to sell your home in winter

Winter has well and truly hit in WA. Real Estate agents know they have to work extra hard to sell their clients homes at this time of the year as many buyers stay at home instead of venturing to home opens and otherwise beautifully presented homes for sale don’t look their best through the rain and bleak winter days.

However this is upside to selling in winter. Less competition and fewer houses on the market can be in your favour together with the following tips:

Home Repairs

Leaky gutters, broken roof tiles and other winter problems become more obvious and more important to fix in winter. Ensuring everything is in proper working order will prevent any problems arising in your home opens or after sale.

Focus on making your home winter friendly

for home opens, first impressions count. Ensure your home is warm with heating, there are welcome mats for wet and muddy shoes and even an umbrella stand can make all the difference in welcoming potential buyers.

For Sale Photos

Just because you’re selling your home in winter doesn’t mean your photos need to be wintery! Twilight photos are a great way to make your home stand out on the property portals when sunny days are hard to come by. This will assist your property to stand out above the crowd when others sellers have their photography done on overcast days

Winter Light

Some homes are positioned so they get great winter light and can really stand out during the cooler months. Regardless, by opening all your blinds and curtains you can maximise light for your home opens and photographs.

Additional lighting such as floor lamps and stronger light bulbs can assist creating a warmer environment.

Interior Space Appeal

Although many Perth homes focus on the outdoor BBQ and alfresco areas, use winter as a time to showcase your homes internal features such as a kid’s indoor playroom, theatre rooms and indoor entertaining areas.

You can also feature external areas that are winter friendly. These can be an alfresco that can be sheltered with roll down blind’s, heated/well insulated tool and storage sheds and outdoor heaters and lighting.

Although we can’t control the weather, these tips will help you maximise your house regardless of the weather. Our real estate agents are experienced with selling properties no matter what the circumstances.

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