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Why home staging is so important to sell your home

When preparing your property for sale your pre-market check list is an important step in ensuring your property presents in its best light at your open to the public days. From general maintenance to renovations, de-cluttering, cleaning but one thing often overlooked is home staging and styling, proving extremely popular with property sellers around the country.

A staged / furnished property can help your property outshine the rest in both home opens and appearance in photographs for web and portal advertising.

Getting assistance from a professional property stager could ensure your property reaches its full potential and help get you the asking price you want.

Here’s some ideas from expert home staging property stylists to help you present your home and achieve your property dreams:

  1. Neutralize the wall colours – There can be no talk about any decor without neutralizing interior/exterior coat of paint and bringing it up to date. Remember that the palette needs to coordinate with the fixed elements of the house, like the roof, the brick, and the stone.
  2. Alluring scents – A nice clean fresh scent throughout the house is the most important thing that will keep the potential buyers inside for longer. Scented electrical plug ins, essential oils, diffusers are easily accessible on the market and are always a bonus in the house presentation.
  3. Less is more – Pack up and store everything that is not needed and is just creating unnecessary clutter in your home. Even if you don’t have a storage place or an extra shed, packing your surplus stuff into storing containers and placing them nicely and neatly into one corner of your garage will still look better than having it clutter the space throughout.
  4. Artwork – Abstract wall art prints are very popular at the moment and fairly easy to find in home decor shops . We always suggest our clients to take the personal photos down as it makes it easier for the potential buyer to emotionally connect to the house when it is de-personalized
  5. Accessorizing – Color-coordination is the key! Pick a few main colors from your wall art and make it “flow through the space” in the shape of color-coordinated decorative cushions, throws, vases and decorations.
  6. Size does matter – If your sofas are too bulky, tables oversized or you have that extra armchair that is so comfy but not needed in the living room, it is better to pack it up and store it and replace it with the furniture that won’t overtake the space.
  7. Layering the light – Adding floor and table lamps in those dark corners will set the mood and create a comfortable feeling in any room.
  8. Selling lifestyle – Place a cookbook near the stove, your best dinnerware on the table, put a few glasses and a juice jug together with a magazine or your favourite book in the alfresco area. The potential buyer wants to be attracted by the lifestyle that your property can potentially offer.

Professional home stagers like Perth Staging complete an initial, objective property inspection. They will assist you with your budget to freshen up key spaces in anticipation for sale.

As a homeowner you can save money by completing the packing and cleaning and minor repairs yourself. But when it comes to the final showcase part of staging the property, it’s better to leave it to the pros.

An educated, well-skilled staging professional knows how to style a room to address what the buyer needs to see, how to highlight the best features of your house and how to minimize its less desirable attributes.

Stagers also know how to maximize space by using correct placement of color, lighting and art to harmonize a living space so the buyer connects on every level and makes an offer.

Even if you decide to do the home staging yourself, with your existing set up, but would just like some guidance from a professional stager towards the do’s and don’ts of the home presentation.

Why consider one bedroom apartments

Why consider one bedroom apartments

One bedroom apartments have always been a point of contention among investors in the property market.

Affordability factors and changing lifestyle preferences are now seeming to give these a real edge in Australia’s every changing current property market.

Here are a few factors to consider whether to include one bedroom apartments in your property investing search:

1) A better location

Research is showing a one-bedroom apartment in a good inner city location which is close to transport, employment and lifestyle amenities cans outperform a two bedroom apartment in a outer fringe location without the same amentities.

2) Affordability

A one bedroom apartment can also get you into the market if you want to buy in a desirable area, close to the CBD and transport. There is also lower upkeep costs for smaller apartment and negotiating finance for one-bedroom units is certainly becoming easier with the banks.

3) Tenants

According to some property commentators, there is greater tenant demand for small units, as the trend is moving to inner city locations for lifestyle choice which is boosting prices for one bedroom apartments.

4) It’s not just one bedroom apartments

If lifestyle and inner city living is your focus, there are more than just apartments with one bedroom. One bedroom townhouses and villas, especially in older established areas in major cities are available. Old workers cottages and small terraces could be a great way to renovate and add value to as an investor and you may be able to even extend the property down the track.

Apartment buyers need to remember that these days demand for land isn’t the same as it used to be driving the residential property market.

Many people are out to buy or rent lifestyle and are prepared to make the necessary trade offs just as living in a smaller space to live in a premium location.

Property buyers today whether investors or owner occupiers really are looking for somewhere to live that is conveniently located and packed with amenity and one bedroom apartments fit this mould.